What is education coaching?

A way to transform your school

Coaching is at the heart of educational improvement. 
Education coaching enables school leaders to create a powerful learning community in their school that supports everyone to improve - from students to the headteacher.  Education coaching develops the skills and tools to help learners to discover the solutions to their problems.  Challenging, yet supportive, education coaching moves people forward and creates a culture of trust and self belief, within which individuals learn from each other, identify and work towards their goals: goals that underpin the success of the school.
Education coaching is non-judgemental, relying on the use of skilful questioning to support learners to work out solutions for themselves.  Learners are guided to understand and recognise their strengths and where they need to develop and use these to set goals and actions to move forward. As a result their growth is assured and they achieve results that they may have previously thought impossible.
Trust is at the heart of education coaching and the belief that individuals who become part of a coaching community are able to take responsibility for their own development.  In this way, everyone in a school makes a contribution to school improvement.