• Vicki Maguire

5 Ways to Start the Week with a Positive Mindset

So last week didn't go quite the way you planned. Maybe you still have all of the things from your to do list from last Monday and you've added a few more. Maybe you feel you weren't the inspirational role model you set out to be. Maybe you didn't get the time to spend on yourself that you'd planned. This week is a totally new week. A fresh start. Time for a new way of thinking. So how can you start the week with a positive mindset?

1. Try to use some of your Friday thinking on Sunday night. We look forward to Friday all week; we crave the free time to do what we like and spend time with our friends and family. But we actually end up wishing the week away and then mourning the end of the weekend. Try a different Sunday mindset from now on. Think of all the things you're looking forward to in the coming week. Write them down in your journal, notebook or even just on a piece of paper. It might be conversations with colleagues or engagements with clients who you are particularly fond of. Maybe it's your yoga class on Tuesday evening or a trip to the cinema with friends. Identify what you can look forward to in the week and enjoy it rather than wishing it away.

2. Be grateful. Think of all the things that you're grateful for that having a job brings you. List all of the things that having a job provides for you and your family. List the people you enjoy working with and what you appreciate about them. List the elements of your job that you enjoy.

3. Remember that last week is in the past and this week is the future. Whatever happened last week is gone. It's over and this week offers the opportunity for a fresh start. It's a new beginning; time to start all over again. Don't dwell on anything that didn't go to plan last week. Pick three things that you want to do this week and list them. Make doing these things a priority this week. After you've done these three things, everything else is a bonus.

4. Think positive thoughts - a study into how the top 5 tennis players in the world gained the edge over those who only made the top 25 found out that the top 5 had significantly more positive mindsets when they lost a point. They thought positive things like, 'I love this game. There's no place I'd rather be.' 'I may not have got that shot, but I'll get the next one.' These players had slower heart rates and their breathing was more even. They felt better about themselves and as a result performed better. Try thinking more positive thoughts about your job and see what happens.

5. Find space first thing Monday morning for some mindfulness. Maybe you could get up half an hour before everyone else in the house and sit and have a cup of coffee or go for a walk before you set off for work. Whatever you do, create yourself some space to prepare yourself for the week ahead.

However you prepare yourself for the week ahead, make it positive. Go into the week with a positive mindset and you never know where it might take you.

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