• Vicki Maguire

Everyone needs a coach!

Having enforced time off work due to the coronavirus, and watching numerous episodes of Escape to the Country made me think. Many similar programmes feature people struggling to find what they’re looking for on their own who need the help of a professional to find their ideal home. Many have been searching for months, even years. One version of the programme I saw revisits the house hunters. Without fail, they’re living their best lives in new properties. Even those who didn’t find what they were looking for quickly found their ideal properties once the cameras stopped rolling. Allowing an expert to help them bring a fresh perspective to their search helped them gain clarity and move forward in the search for their perfect home.

So, back to what I started thinking about. We all need help at times in so many different areas of our lives. When we actively seek help, our lives are improved as a result. And they are improved quicker than when we try to do it on our own. Coaching provides the help that people need to improve their lives. It can bring a new perspective, creating clarity where it was lacking. We like to feel we can do it all ourselves but with the help of a coach, life can be totally transformed. Be prepared to accept you can’t do it on your own!

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