Confidence, resilience, productivity, mindfulness, empathy, workmanship... these are just some of the areas I have worked through with Victoria and I have found that, based on my starting point and end point, after we covered an area, I had really improved both in confidence and understanding.  She has helped me to discover ways in which I can manage my work more effectively and gain more work life balances as well as improving areas like motivation and target setting.  To be entirely honest, there is not an area in which she has not coached me.  For this reason, I think coaching is more beneficial than traditional counselling or therapy.

For me, I have found, after a long time, I have the confidence to be 'me' again.  A more empowered, 'practise what she preaches', happy me.  I already feel like I'm a better leader.  I believe I'm an asset to the school and I can't actually wait to see where my career will take me!

Farhana Begum - Director of Teaching and Learning

Working with Victoria has re-opened my eyes to realise that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.  She has helped me recapture the notion that I am a brilliant, confident woman, capable of achieving my heart's desire.  I realise, through my work with Vicki, that there are no limitations, only myself.  She has helped me to find the answers to issues that have been buried away in my psyche for years, issues that had slowly got the better of me.  More importantly, she has made me realise that I have allowed outside factors to pre-determine my destiny.  No longer!  Victoria's coaching has helped me to understand that being accountable to myself is really the only thing that matters.  To look to the future and to find the answers to questions I just needed someone to ask is truly liberating!  Thank you Victoria for empowering me, for making me look deep inside myself to re-discover that I am an incredible leader; I am the best mother, wife, daughter, and sister.  Above all else, that I am enough.

Kate Hodson - Deputy Head of Sixth Form